Vivien - 1134/13LA

Colore: Oro foglia Cod. 3001
cm. h. 140 x ø 85
6 x E14 Max 40 Watt + 7 Led 3 Watt
Paralumi teletta beige
su richiesta Art. 7490*

Wrought iron hand-decorated.
Incandescence lights and leds inside the big drop blowned glasses enriched with strass chains.
Central frame completed by metal and Bohemian strass tassel with strass and ametista and transparent ball.

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Rose - 1160/14LA

Colore: Oro foglia Cod. 3001
cm. h. 90 x ø 80
14 x G9 Max 40 Watt

Wrought iron chandelier hand made decoration.
Hand made Venetian glass roses with blown glass.

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Jackie - 2438/12LA

Colore: Oro foglia Cod. 3001
cm. h. 96 x ø 82
12 x G9 Max 40 Watt

Laser cutted iron.
Set champagne coloured Bohemian crystals.
Cascade of crystal decorations and oval pendants embellished with Swarovski® crystals.

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Jasmine - 2440/16LA

Colore: Oro foglia Cod. 3001
cm. h. 120 x ø 140
16 x E14 Max 40 Watt
Paralumi seta champagne su richiesta Art. 7350*.

Wrought iron.
Antique gold coloured Austrian pendants and Bohemian glass transparent drops.
Iron diadem set with Swarovski® crystals and featuring champagne coloured Bohemian glass pendant.
Murano blown glass fruits with gold sponge decoration.
Embellished with grey pearl rows and gold chains.

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Charlize - 2472/12LA

Colore: Argento foglia Cod. 3007
cm. h. 60 x ø 65
12 x G9 Max 40 Watt

Iron and hand-woven leather lampshade decorated with ematite plated curb chains.
Silver flat link chain cascade and final metal rings with strass.

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